Irshad Hussain Malik


As the CEO of Datatex, Irshad Hussain Malik is responsible for running all facets of the business. Irshad Hussain Malik has over 11 years of experience driving sales growth. Prior to Datatex Irshad Hussain Malik was Chief Marketing Officer for TDS Inc, responsible for all global sales and marketing activities. At TDS Inc he led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing sales 50% year over year. He earned an MBA in marketing and B.Sc in chemistry.

Shakir Hussain


Shakir Hussain is the visionary leader responsible for global product strategy, strategic management and business planning at Datatex. Dynamic champ known for jump-starting product development, resolving management as well as technical issues. Previously Shakir worked as a CIO for a tech software startup. He graduated from VTU University with a B.Tech in Electronics

Vidya Shree


Vidya Shree has championed Online marketing services to her enterprise and consumer customers across the globe. She has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models and building out channel programs at Datatex. Vidya Shree holds a Finance MBA and bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Sakeena Akhter


She is a focused leader, recognized for delivering superior results. A visionary professional with track record for finding innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins. She takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. Currently, as COO at Datatex, Sakeena Akhter oversees the operations of a multi-million dollar organization. She holds M.Sc Psychology from CMR University.